10-12: Scotch is Getting Younger.

The that all must be at least 12 years to be enjoyed is a common understanding among drinkers everywhere. However, one company is out to prove them wrong. This is just two years shy of the twelve year mark, but is growing in popularity.

Enter Glenkinchie; this ten year old malt is 86 and a very in color. It has a reminiscent of and a that ends rather sweet. Its body is light to medium, it is considered to be well-rounded lowland malt. In the end it stays dry, and carries a hint if .

Originally formed in 1837 by a farmer, this malt clearly has some history. The original owner of the distillery sold it to another farmer who used the distillery as a cattle shed and . This property was again sold in 1880 and returned back to its natural intention to make fine malt just in time for the whiskey in the .

This single malt will be enjoyed by the new and revered by the old single malt enthusiasts.

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