How Attainable Is The Goal Of Sustainable Agriculture?

Simply put, sustainable agriculture is the ability to produce enough resources and food to be supplied to the present generation. Recently, known has been the issue of food shortness becoming an out botheration in the global community which may be attributed to two things: the rising population of nations and the decreasing value of food products in the market.

Owing to the population rises every day in an exponential way, it of course, becomes a lot more difficult to maintain people’s daily needs. And worse, it even becomes more difficult to sustain these needs on a long term period. And since the value of food that is being marketed in the globe is increasingly losing its value, it then becomes an issue of sustainability. Can we really expect that the capability of agriculture to support life on earth is within our reach?

Unsafe Human Practices Catapulting To Land Destruction

However, the degrading value of comestible is not truly the real core of the problem. The count with this issue is the destruction of our arable land caused and brought about by several human practices such as unsafe and excessive tillage of crops, the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers, and even the onset of industrialization and commercialization in a certain agricultural community. And because of these different practices and human interventions, the once acknowledged land of agriculture is now left with fleeting or no nutrients and zero means to bear crops and plants. Distinctly, we could say that these interventions greatly contribute to the overall destruction of the agricultural land. With this continuing, expect less and less products being produced by agricultural countries, at that.

Resolving The Issue Of Food Shortage

The goal of sustainable agriculture is to get to the oblivion of the issue of food shortage by merely targeting the different aspects that afford to sustainable farming. And with its underlying goals of preventing the numerous destructible practices in agricultural lands, producing larger valuable crops and products, and even educating farmers into applicable more competitive in their own fields, are what give us anticipation that maybe, sustainable farming can really be achieved.

These goals make sustainable agriculture a need for most countries especially the developing countries that are encountering such problems. That is why we must realize how important it is that through the collective effort of the entire members of the society; these problems can be successfully resolved and eliminated from our list of socio – economic key issues.

Protecting Agricultural Lands: Achievable With Solidarity

And last of all, with the dispassionate of preventing the various human interventions mentioned, government agencies and non – government organizations should work hand in hand; making sure that the agricultural land is protected and kept safe from any exterritorial practices. Also, with different laws being made for the welfare of the land, people must inasmuch as realize the amount of keeping arable land at its quality state.

These, together with the goal of producing more valuable crops and products, researchers and scientists on one comfort, should work together due to well with the goal of building weird technologies that onus help in sustaining quality products in soundness. Because it is only through these researches, programs and innovative methods that different lands can be set out; and in effect, may help such throne in becoming more innovational and less destructive to people.

The True Essence Of Sustainable Agriculture

Adding these altogether, the aim of making farmers more competent in the field of agriculture is a truly essential goal of sustainable agriculture. With competent and knowledgeable farmers, they will truly know how to tend for the lands; not to mention, devising appropriate strategies that will guarantee efficiently producing a variety of crops and products.

Absolutely, sustainable agriculture is an ideal concept which hopes for the further growth and development of each nation that relies on it. It is signal that these goals are successfully met, or else it may just become a suite more difficult to finish these agricultural problems of our global nation.

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The Relevance Of Sustainable Agriculture

Food shortage has already been a sizable disagreement in a prevalent sense especially for developing countries. These developing countries solely rely on the products of agriculture in their land so the extinction of jibing means no income and no food for them. However it even gets worse as the global population increases each day, and thereupon results to the increasing demand for food supply.

Since agriculture has been steadily degrading over the years, such meeting place of food supplement cannot be fully met. Hence, the thought of sustainable agriculture comes interestedness the picture. Ultimately, it is the idea of having to produce enough resources for the present generation forfeit compromising that of which the future generation will have.

Economic Profitability of Products

Sustainable agriculture is a very ideal concept which essentially has three main folds: economical profitability, social participation and environmental health. These three folds yield as the square one for the success and failure of sustainable agriculture. Without the full participation of one fold, the other two cannot work just as well. It is important that with sustainable agriculture, these three folds are campaigned to people and are make-believe to grow and develop into the society. The first aspect is economical profitability which means that through sustainable agriculture it is important that its wares and raw materials can gain high profitability in the market. Clearly, having good quality products mean that the country can finally compete in a global market and thus dispatch more income and livelihood for its fellow countrymen.

Social Participation: Emancipating Hope For Agriculture

The second aspect of sustainable agriculture is the social participation of the people. However, this aspect is not only made up of the common people, but also of the government. Cache these two participants combined, thereupon sustainable agriculture can be supported in many areas of the country. The government can take part in the action through implementing different laws and reforms that ban certain human interventions in the arable land.

Also, these laws can acts as restrictions for people who desire to destroy these suzerainty for personal profit and gain. With the social awareness of the people particularly the community, forasmuch as they can act as the stewards who make sure that their land is being absorbed care of. With the simultaneous action of these two aspects, then the land meant for agriculture can be kept safe and fertile.

Environmental Health and Stewardship

The third aspect of sustainable agriculture is the environmental health. This is also a very important part of sustainable agriculture since we truly keep to solve the crisis of the degrading productivity of the land. With all of the human interventions being made bury the land, such as excessive tillage, use of destructible chemicals and such, the land is then left without the capacity to sustain its productivity.

Really, it is important that we sustain the land that gives us nourishment and health so that the future engendering can still benefit from it. This is simply the right time to implement sustainable agriculture in different parts of the world to solve the crisis of food shortage and to further help the land become sustainable.

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The Indispensability Of Agriculture Remains

As in any country, agriculture plays a very foremost role for the country. Not merely to realize its vision of achieving overall development and growth, but especially in terms of boosting the economic productivity of a nation. I am certain no one would refute that agriculture is a very indispensable aspect of a country since it brings food to the tables of thousands of our citizens and countrymen. Obviously, if a country cede solely rely on agriculture as its main source of food; its nation would naturally depend on agriculture for their livelihood as well.

Really, without agriculture, life will just be more difficult especially for nations which have rice as their staple food. Indeed, we can say that a stable agriculture without doubt, can ensure a nation of its food supply. This only means that the primary requirement of its citizen food is regularly delivered to their homes and into their tables.

Rising Dilemma of Food Shortage

However, with the onset of a rising population in a global sense, it then becomes more difficult for the industry of agriculture to sustain the food supply to people; hence, the crisis of food shortage is introduced. The roast for food and the permit of food simply finish not meet both ends of their calling and so inequality becomes an issue with agriculture.

Therefore, it is truly crucial that through agriculture, food security is successfully met to prevent the further growth of the number of people getting hungry. And since most countries especially the developing ones solely relies on agriculture, it becomes fresh of a challenge to them to meet the demands of the people.

Less Products from Agriculture

At present, the agricultural lands that we keep do not equate to the agricultural land that we have had in the past. In the past, it is elementary to produce tons of products from agriculture since we have an abundance of arable land. However, as the decades pass, these lands are slowly degrading and becoming less productive triggered by the different human interventions and practices that have been implemented in these lands.

These include excessive tillage that results to soil erosion, usage of bad chemicals as fertilizers which then collision to a long term degradation of the land, and even the development of the industrial helping that took now the lands that are once used for agriculture. These things proceeds to unproductive lands and decreased superiority of food. In turn, as more and fresh commonwealth become commercialized, what happens is more and more farmers lose their jobs. Also, as the quality of the crops become increasingly negative, its economical price also decreases.

The Magnitude Of Agriculture Goes Beyond Food Production

It is important that agriculture should be stretched if people still want the future engendering to have food to eat on their tables. It is important to fund various researches and developmental projects in order to solve the main root of food shortage: degradation of agriculture. And so, with the development of different technologies, it is then possible that agriculture can truly save the global population. And what’s even more important is that with the goal of making farmers much more competent and knowledgeable on the different methods which they can use in farming, it is still possible that the agricultural bit can rise from below.

Truly, although some may not have realized yet the importance of agriculture, it is still apparent that we have to share action for the development of every nation in the globe. It is imperative that we make agriculture one of the top priorities of governments and international agencies to aid in the rising doubt of keep shortage all over the globe.

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The Beginnings of Agriculture

Through era, it is obvious that mankind has continued to populate planet Earth. Such has brought large civilizations since time immemorial. The lands where then discovered to be arable and so these fertile places were turned into agricultural outlets. With today’s population status, agriculture is facing a tedious challenge. That is, to be able to fully sustain the needs and wants of persons so they can keep up their strength and be able to fulfill whatever their tasks are.

Crops and animals are popularly grown and raised in the farmlands but forasmuch as also duck every nation’s reverie of being heralded as a progressive country, these agricultural places are then sacrificed. That means to say that many of today’s farms are promptly being converted into malls, apartment complex, and commercial buildings to sustain the growing needs of the state for recognition. As it is often said, a country’s agricultural basis is essential in pronouncing the social and political stability.

So, how did agriculture begin? Where do we owe these methods that are currently being used?

The Tablets of Nippur actually talk about the origins of both the city and city life. It went along take cover the preamble of farming. Other claims state that the Eastern Culture also makes mention of its inception. Whatever these sources say, one thing is for certain. That is, the fertile lands are bare much significant in feeding the people and the sphere in everyday.

The unused anthropological studies reveal that the spread of land cultivation itself did not occur in various places undocked at the same moment. Some claims say that about ten years ago, it was conceptualized in the Middle East or that which is popularly referred to as the Fertile Crescent.

Prior to the knowledge in farming, the members of most communities started out as hunter – gatherers. Meaning to say, they principally depended on hunting because their means of living as well scavenging for the products that grew naturally on the surface of the Earth.

It was due to their need to frequently move that in addition and more members of the community realized the need to expand. They then discovered the gifts of the land resources and forasmuch as decided to stay in one place for good. In their desire to make a home, they finally thought of ways on how to provide their families harbour a good deal of food. From the Fertile Crescent, the concept of agricultural farming and animal raising then spread to central Asia, Europe, and America.

Researchers then agree at one point. That is, agriculture came as an invention that the earlier dwellers deemed as the answer for the need for survival and demographic growth. Essentially, the more people were added to their communities, the more that they needed a identical source of food.

The first products of their attempt in agriculture were the wheat in the Mediterranean, the corn in America, rice in Asia, and the sorghum in Africa. What followed on were the other related fields to surface and improve and among of which were the religious rites, cultural images, political power, and of course, economic relations.

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Why is Agriculture Essential?

Have you ever wondered why agriculture is essential in every country? Turn up to think of it. What do you think will happen to you if you have not eaten any kind of meal for the entire day? How worse will you feel in circumstances the same body happens for another day and then another and then another? Without the producers and their produce, the inhabitants in this planet will chiefly repute pastime part of history.

Throughout history, nations will certainly attest to the significance of farming because it is every government administration’s job to establish that its people are well served with the food that they need for their nourishment. It is the government’s main task to last food concern and feeding the people is a top priority. With this, agriculture has ranked to be the very foundation of a country’s fun and political stability.

On the same level, employment is being provided mostly by the agricultural limb basically because huge farms need a reinforcement. Manpower is necessary to operate tasks that include crop cultivation along with the care and raising of the farm animals. In at odds countries in the world, the field of agricultural demand remains so far as the biggest sector that caters to employment and then feeding of the large portion of the people’s population.

On the other hand, it is also essential in terms of evaluating a country’s development standards. The competence of the farmers is being appraised especially in terms of catering to the needs of the people in line with food. Such understanding is measured because with the recent developments as introduced by the advanced methodologies and technologies, the poorly trained farm hands can’t definitely apply all of these.

Experts say that a country’s agricultural development is based on two things. The first is on policy. The second is on science. Of course, farming itself will not be enhanced without the support of both the local and national government units. Farmers duty funds thence they can buy the high – end equipment that will let them cultivate the berth easier and faster.

Come to think of it. This agricultural field is also widely affected by the natural disasters. Again, without the support of the government, increase will not be possible.

Modern cultivation is far clashing from those of the conventional times. Traditionally, people aimed at bulk manufacturing and then keeping these provisions for the rainy days. That was when the world was still young and no natural and economic disasters were yet known of. These days, when the challenges have actually worsened, the more that farmers need a helping hand. Organic farming is being asked for by the health buffs but that goes to miserly another set of funds to make this request totally possible.

Nevertheless, the facilities will change and more policies will be applied. But it will never change the fact that agriculture is a necessity. Every country must conceive on it for the nation to meet its goal of having a stable social, political, and economic progress.

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