What Are The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

For centuries, chocolate has been one of the most bought sweet tasting desserts in the world. But one thing that clouds the great attribute of this all-time favorite treat is the myth surrounding it that a food that tastes good can be bad for the health making chocolates too one of the most perceived food that can be dangerous to the health of the people. For this reason, many are cautious when devouring chocolates, especially those who are extremely conscious of their health.

But with researches and discoveries made these days, chocolates might not be so bad after all. In fact, there are health benefits that are associated with chocolates and can be good for the consumers. This is particularly true if people choose and consume chocolates wisely.

The surprising news pertains to the fact that a chocolate can contain over 300 chemicals, which have become the subject that scientific organizations and universities have focused and led to the good news.

So, these are what they found regarding the health benefits of chocolate:

1.It is found that the main source of chocolate, the cacao, has been proven to have antibacterial agents that actually help fight tooth decay. This is in contrast of course to the traditional myth where mothers would warn their children against eating chocolate as it can ruin their teeth.
2.Chocolate is believed to be an elevator of moods of the people as it also has phenyl ethylamine.
3.Chocolate has smell that actually helps people to relax and be freed with stress specifically due to the fact that it increases theta brain waves.
4.Contrary to the early myth, chocolate can be good to people having problems with bad cholesterol. The health food contains a kind of monounsaturated fat, called oleic acid, which raises good cholesterol.
5.Chocolate can be good for people who are weight-conscious. One hot chocolate cup taken before means help reduce appetite.
6.The chocolate also contains flavonoids, which are instrumental for keeping blood vessels more elastic.
7.Chocolate contains chemicals that help increase antioxidants levels found in blood.
8.It is also discovered that men can live another year longer if they consume chocolates.
9.Carbohydrates were found to contain chocolate, which is good for maintaining a good sense of well-being as it helps increase serotonin levels found in the brain.
10.Chocolate has been used by the Mexican healers to treat insect bites and bronchitis.
In addition to the above findings, there are other researches that negate some half-truths about chocolate. Here they are:

1.Although chocolate can contain the stimulants bromine and caffeine, these are in tiny quantities that do not lead to nervous excitability.
2.Chocolate is never addictive.
3.Chocolate does not contain chemicals that make as acne causative factor.
4.It doesn’t make anyone high. You have to consume about 25lbs in one sitting, a huge quantity only found to make you experience any noticeable effect.
5.Chocolate will not increase bad cholesterol as it actually contains a neutral fat called stearic acid.

But just like any other foods that also have a negative side, chocolate has some too, but are way far to outweigh the health benefits found.

1.People with migraines are not advised to take chocolate as it can trigger the illness more.
2.If chocolate is consumed with milk, it can contain sugar, saturated fat, and high caloric contents.

There’s a Reason Why Chocolate is Good for You

Rumors have been constantly circulating around the assumption that chocolate is not healthy and that it does not benefit people eating it much. According to some of these rumors, chocolate has high calories which result to excessive body fats that could clog the arteries.

However, all of these are still up to now, rumors. Nothing conclusive has definitely been said that nails down every bit of chocolate on earth as unhealthy. For chocolate lovers out there who cannot survive going for days without their favorite, you have to know that eating chocolate in moderation brings about a lot of health benefits. In addition, constant research has generated facts that there is a variety of reasons that it is good for you.

Since chocolate is often regarded as a sinful, decadent delight because of its delicious taste and texture, it may be quite hard to hold on to the idea that it has health benefits. Nevertheless, here are some of the things behind the delicious chocolate, which sufficiently concludes it as beneficial for everyone:

1.Chocolate has vitamins that are important for our bodies to function properly. It has been discovered that it has components of Vitamins A, B1, C, D E
2.Even with its enthralling velvety texture, chocolate contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron.
3.It can also be a great help in reducing the risk of getting heart diseases because high blood pressure is significantly lessened due to the flavonoids in cocoa, a basic ingredient of chocolate. The flavonoids help in significantly keeping body fats from blocking the arteries.
4.These flavonoids also contain antioxidants that have been known to reduce the risk of cancer.
5.Chocolate has nitric oxide that helps in blood pressure maintenance and heart sustenance.
6.There have been findings that chocolate brings about blood thinning, similar to the effects of a small dosage of aspirin. This is a factor in keeping the free flow of blood in the system and lessens the development of clotting. However, one must not consider substituting aspirin with chocolate.
7.Aside from being beneficial to the heart and blood, many have observed that consuming chocolate brightens up their mood and keep them on a positive mindset throughout the day. Increased happiness and alertness is generally seen, as well as the capacity to reduce pain. Chocolate has caffeine, Theobromine, tyramine and phenylethylamine that contributes to decrease of fatigue. These also give an extra boost of energy needed to get through the day. Cannabinoids are also found in chocolate, which gives off a happy and safe feeling.

These are but five of the concrete healthy aspects that are seen in chocolate. Still, a lot of research is ongoing to find out more about why chocolate is not only sinfully delicious but also beneficial for people’s well-being.

Of all the findings though, the antioxidant findings is the best one yet. Even if this would be the only good thing about chocolate, it still would bring about the fact that consuming chocolate in moderation is not a sin but a healthy habit. As we are all aware of now, antioxidants aids in stopping the negative effects of free radicals in the body. Eating fruits and vegetables is very advisable to get sufficient antioxidants and reduce the risks of cancer. Now, eating chocolate can be advised as well!

The Pros and the Cons in Chocolate Consumption

Researchers and Scientist brought some news for chocolate lovers stating that it may be essential for the body. These groups of individuals has a preliminary evidence on their reports stating that cocoa and other chocolates have the ability to normalize a high blood pressure for a hypertensive persons, makes the blood regulates well and make the heart function healthy. According to this study, there is substance called Nitric Oxide which is produce and regulated by cocoa. This Nitric Oxide is a compound essential for a healthy and well blood flow and also for blood pressure. Other studies reveal that a Flavanol in cocoa triggers any fatty substances in the bloodstream in order to avoid clogging of the arterial and even makes the platelets act by sticking together and prevent blood clots. There are 4,000 kinds of compound sources which are potential for this kind of activity and one of those is compound found in chocolate called Flavonoids which was secreted from cocoa bean. Cocoa bean is a component of chocolate. The term used for these flavonoids in cocoa is flavanols.

In general, studies have found that this dark chocolate has high components of flavonoids compare to white ones. It is a way that the cocoa powder and syrups of this chocolate are processed that removes essential flavonoids. A rationale on this study shows that the more intake of flavanol in the human body also relates the intense activity of Nitric Oxide. This Nitric Acid has a very significant role in maintaining a healthy blood pressure and even in the cardiovascular system.

Chocolate is known as a good source of promoting good blood flow. According to studies and researches performed by scientists and researchers, a low dose of aspirin performs exactly the same to a flavonol that can be found in cocoa and chocolate. And this activity promotes a healthy blood flow. So it will reduce the possibility of blood clotting and also reduces any risk of possible stroke or even heart attack to a person with high blood pressure. This would only mean that a person with allergic symptoms to aspirin may eat a flavanol rich food which is in the composition of a chocolate. Though, it’s not a medicine, it is considered as a best alternative approach. The explanation goes as the blood platelet activity is related the benefits produce by Nitric Oxide.

It has been studied and observed that several bioactive components, compounds and substances in chocolate are proven to promote a state of alertness, promote a well-being, and even lessen pain. Facts show that a stimulants caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, and tyramine provide a brain fogged for a desire needed lift. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid works to lessen any form of anxiety by the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin; endorphins, the body’s neutral opiates; all of these are categorized to lessen body pain. Other compound like Anandamide serves similar to cannabinoid which promote and regulate relaxation. Chocolate is also a natural kind of analgesic.

A summary for these studies and research would only state that eating chocolate in its recommended amount will give enough energy lift, lessen the anxiety, and a reduction to a possible pain. However, Nutritionists, and Biochemists could always argue that chocolates doesn’t contain much of these beneficial and health giving benefits. For example, Nutritionists, and Biochemists will say that caffeine is a substance the make us alert but there is a less amount of caffeine in chocolate if they have to compare it to a cup of plain coffee. There are only 30 milligrams of caffeine in a bar of chocolate but there is 100-150 milligrams of caffeine is present on a plain cup of coffee. Another situation is the feeling of being alert for a while after consuming a bar of chocolate. However, that temporary good feeling of satisfaction is most likely to be changed by an activity of sugar induced drop energy that brings fatigue even compared before eating a chocolate. Another compound is the anandamine that can cause a feeling of being “high”; a feeling associated in the effect of taking marijuana.

Scientists and Nutritionists on Battle for Chocolate

Scientist and Researchers will always tell people that eating chocolate is good for the heart since it has the ability to decrease the LDL or known as bad cholesterol and it will promote a good blood flow by reducing the blood pressure level to a person associated with high blood pressure.

However, Nutritionists will always argue in this sentiments and results. As for them, they have a basis why would they argue for those studies. For instance, some substances, components and compounds of a chocolate is said to be in harm for body’s health. A compound called Anandamide affects the brain’s receptor making a feeling of being “high” a kind of brain receptor common to those of taking marijuana. Being intolerance is also a factor that is considered here which can be caused by a compound called Exorphins. This is like an external morphine substance in chocolate in some psychological sequel or even a gut problem.

They also believe that chocolates have several biologically active constituents like Biogenic amines, Methylxanthines, and Cannabinoid-like fatty acids. All of those mentioned substance has a potential to cause any abnormal behaviors and even psychological sensations that are similar to those of any other addictive and intolerable substances.

Of all the above mentioned consequences and harmful effects of chocolate to the body, the study never ends there. Scientists wanted to prove that chocolate is in no harm when only taken with the right amount. Here’s what they found out which they use against the Nutritionist for a sure win in such argumentation. Research shows, that a cocoa powder, milk chocolate, and a dark chocolate have a high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity values compared to any other well known foods, such as blueberries and prunes. This Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity values works to measure the power of an antioxidant substance present. An antioxidant is a kind of substance that protects the body against harmful free radicals by producing peroxides and oxygen. To name some are beta-carotene, vitamin C, and alpha tocopherol. Research shows that there are more than 13,000 Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity values units is present in dark chocolate compare to a milk chocolate which only has approximately 6,700 units. As much as twice antioxidants in the cocoa start out to be when it’s an unsweetened powder. But when it is converted to black chocolate but diluting it to water, milk and sugar, the overall amount of flavonoid in every serving is about half of that in a milk chocolate.

The bottom point why both parties are in battle towards chocolate is that they only wanted to find out the best way on how to explain the positive and negative side for consuming chocolate. Here’s what the general thought and summary of all the researches made by both parties. Scientists and Nutritionists are finding similar results with compounds in vegetables and fruits, red wine, tomatoes, and tea compared to the compound of chocolate that yields one common and the same conclusion. The components are sure to be antioxidant which both parties agreed. Conclusion says that the right amount of chocolate intake will yield good result for the body and is harmful if otherwise. As the both parties are arguing for any good and even bad results for chocolate eating, it is still a will for us to eat chocolate while waiting for future research as scientist and nutritionist promise to bring a conclusive study.

Why They Say Chocolate Has Health Benefits

Does chocolate have health benefits at all? Few studies and researches made not too long ago suggested it has. In fact, a lot of chemicals containing chocolate were found to be beneficial to the people’s health. So, it does contradict the old myth and half-truths surrounding the saying that anything that looks and tastes good is bad.

The health benefits are particularly true to cocoa, dark chocolate, and minimally-processed chocolate foods. Aside from the copper and magnesium, which aids in regulating blood pressure and heartbeat, they contain flavonoids, the ones that you also found in high-antioxidant green tea. As you probably know it already, antioxidants are good for the health as they accomplish a number of health benefits, such as the following:

-Improve circulation
-Lower blood pressure
-Stimulate kidneys, improve digestion
-Can help patients with poor appetite, kidney stones, and anemia
-Improve endothelial functions
-Guard against free radicals and other destructive molecules, which are known to trigger stroke and heart disease.
-Lower heart disease-related deaths

Flavonoids have two different kinds, the epicatechins and catechin. The catechin has been found to be rich in minimally processed chocolate foods and cocoa. This is known to aid in preventing heart disease illnesses and possibly cancer problems. It is also aid to boosting an individual’s immune system, this one also was recently discovered by the experts. Catechins can be found triple in amount in chocolates as compared to those found in teas.

But despite the discovered health benefits of chocolate, you have to be cautious at what type and amount of chocolate food you consume. As anything excessive can be bad to health, and that applies to chocolate too. Eating high quantities of chocolate can still cause weight and eventually trigger illness especially if you consume the less healthy type of chocolate.

In order to avoid the unpleasant consequences, you have to choose the right type of chocolate when consuming as not all kinds are good. For example, highly-processed chocolate food kind such as those in candy and bar forms have high calories, sugar, and fat contents, therefore, must be avoided at all cost. Healthy kinds are dark chocolate, cocoa, and any other minimally-processed chocolate food.

This is in relation to studies demonstrating possible effects by eating chocolates done by the experts to groups of participants. In a particular study, half of the group ate dark chocolate while the other white chocolate. One ones who ate white chocolate, showed no change in blood pressure, while the other who ate dark chocolate, significantly lowered their systolic blood pressure.

At another conducted Pennsylvania State University study,a different group of participants received low fat diet, except that the half got high-carb snack and the other consumed low fat chocolate bar for a certain length of time. The two split groups didn’t show difference in levels of bad or LDL cholesterol afterwards. However, those that ate chocolate bars did show increase in triglycerides, a type of heart-risk blood fat, and good or HDL cholesterols.

From these studies, it showed how chocolate can actually be a good diet food. However, note that the participants were only fed in minimal quantities of chocolates, therefore it is still not advised to consume this sweet treat more than what is required for you to take. Also, remember to avoid chocolate foods that are high in artificial flavorings, with dairy products, and sugars. Remember this: the less that it is processed, the more that health benefits you will get from chocolate.