Fun Chinese Recipes for Kids

There are a lot of Chinese recipes out there that are not only familiar but very fun to make. From egg rolls to won tons, not only are they delicious but you can get the entire family involved in the cooking process.

Kids love to make egg rolls and won tons and enjoy having the freedom to put their own ingredients inside.

A fun way to change around your typical egg roll recipe is to let your family decide what goes into them. You can use anything from cheddar cheese and ham to peanut butter and jelly.

The fun part is the rolling. Its a great family experience to sit together and create something. Even if it doesnt turn out perfect, its the effort that makes it great.

Won tons are basically smaller and differently shaped egg rolls and are a lot of fun to make too. Even a 4 year old can make a won ton so families of all ages can do this together.

Traditionally, won tons have ground pork, onions, and special Chinese vegetables and seasoning but just like egg rolls, you can mix it up a little.

Some cream cheese or frosting inside and some cinnamon and sugar can make for an interesting treat that everyone will like.

For older kids, you can teach them to make almost anything if they are willing. They can help chop vegetables, learn to cook rice, or even make a stir fry with little help.

It can be very rewarding to have your family help in the kitchen and it might even become a hobby or career for them one day.

Chinese Recipe Tips

Chinese recipes usually call for very specific ingredients and ways to cook everything. There are many tips you can use to save time and money and still have a top notch meal or add ingredients to make a good meal great.

You can cut corners on rice, kinds of oil, even the kind of meats you use. Many people take the meat out of a recipe and call it vegetarian.

A delicious alternative to regular cooking oil is sesame oil. Just a few drops mixed with your normal oil or used by itself, sesame oil makes any dish have a very unique flavor.

Shrimp cooked in vegetable oil tastes like greasy shrimp but shrimp cooked in sesame oil taste like a Chinese treat. Sesame oil has a strong and unique flavor that many people automatically associate with Chinese food.

It is higher in fat so if you are on a diet, it might not be a good choice.

Rice is common in all kinds of Chinese recipes. If you make a lot of Chinese food, you can cook a lot more rice than you know you will use.

You can freeze this excess rice and use it later on for fried rice. This will save you the trouble of cooking a whole new batch and it tastes just as good.

Dont be afraid to change recipes. If you have a great recipe for chicken, try using crab or shrimp next time or changing some vegetables around.

You might have just created your own unique recipe! This can be a lot of fun and the more familiar with Chinese recipes you get, the better your creations will be.

Helpful Tips For Prime Rib Grilling

Prime rib has always been one of the most sought after items on the grill. This is because aside from its being quite large enough to fill up anyone, it is more moist, tender and juicy than most other cuts. This cut has been so popular that most restaurants would have it as a specialty, most of the time making a nice steak out of it. More than that, it is also great for an outdoor grill. Outdoor grilling sessions with your family are sure to be much better with some good slices of prime rib.

The common misconception people would have with prime rib is that it is quite difficult to cook and to handle. This however is false; grilling prime rib is just like grilling any other cuts of meat and would just require similar procedures or methods of grilling. Anyone who has grilled other cuts of meat before would be able to make a great prime rib the first time trying it.

Choose The Cut

One of the most common problems for prime rib is that after grilling, a lot of them would get too tough, dry and chewy. This is because the tenderness of a cut would also depend on the meat itself that is why it is important for you to know how to choose the perfect cut. In choosing, pick a cut that has a good marble of fat, not too much but just right. This is because the fat would add tenderness to the meat and would also add a good taste; too much of it however will not make it taste good.

If you could not find this at your favorite shop, then do not hesitate to ask anyone standing by. Prime rib is too basic for a good food store to miss and the people who are standing by are there to help you so never hesitate to ask them. Sometimes, they can even help you choose from a lot of different meats and could offer a lot of different helpful advices that you can really use.

Storing It

Once your cut of prime rib makes its way home, you can store it at room temperature as long as you will grill it that very same day. The most common mistake people make here is that they would immediately toss it in the refrigerator, thinking that it would spoil immediately. This however is not true. You can put it in the refrigerator however if you plan on using it some other day rather than the day you got the prime rib in.

Make sure that you do not keep the meat in your refrigerator for too long. It would be best if you would consume it within 3 days of having it in the refrigerator. Items stored in the refrigerator would tend to lose flavor and tenderness if kept for too long. You do not want this to happen to your prime rib so dont keep it in the refrigerator for too long.

Preparing Prime Rib

After doing all of that, you are now ready to toss that nice cut of prime rib on the grill. You can first marinate it for at least 20-30 minutes and toss it into the grill after. Take not that grilling prime rib is really quite simple and is just like baking it, grilling however is much better than baking and also tastes far better.

After it is done, you can brush some strokes of barbecue sauce on the surface and there it is, your cut of prime rib is ready to be served and enjoyed by everyone.

Ways Of Grilling Outdoors

Classic Grilling

Classic direct-grilling is the most famous and the most traditional way of having things done in a grill. For us who have been into grilling for sometime already, we already know the process. This of which is typically have the items ready and toss them directly on top of the grills surface while occasionally turning them every once on a while. However, you should also be aware that there are a lot more processes of which your grill can do and this is just one of them.

Outdoor grilling is now not only grilling but other methods such as searing, broiling and smoking which would produce a lot of very delectable dishes. But even with that, outdoor grilling is still a very good way of having things in an outdoor grill. So much that it has become the essential part of it. So to educate you further about the other methods, here are good descriptions on how to do them.


Searing has become more popular in the grill than it was before especially for meats and other items of which you want to keep the flavor in. This is because searing has the outer part cooked first while still having the inner part with all the juices uncooked and have all the flavors sealed in. Doing this is quite simple, first you have to set the grill on high fire and while the meat is still raw and ready to be tossed on top of the grill, quickly put it on top of the high fire.

However, you have to be careful with this as not to cause the surface to get overcooked and break. This is most commonly done with steaks of which would produce what we know as rare, medium-rare, medium well and well done. This is also used in a lot of different items but is more popularly done on meats.


Another method of having things cooked in the grill is roasting. The main goal of roasting is to have items continuously bathing in their own juices while being cooked causing them to taste more like themselves. Ideal items to be roasted include duck, beef, pork and ham. To do this, place an aluminum foil pan on top of the grills surface while having the items cook on top of it. Juices will later on drip on the aluminum foil pan, these of which you will use to soak the items in and use it later for gravy.

For added flavor, you can add flavorings to the aluminum foil pan such as lemon juice, herbs, garlic and whatever you can add to create more flavors. When roasting, remember that it is still like grilling and you will still have to turn the items on its sides while cooking it. The vapor produced by the juices also seep deeper if you turn the items on its sides occasionally.


Another popular method of cooking meats and fish on the grill is by smoking. This method produces a tastes that is pleasantly different from all other since the items here will be flavored by the smoke from chips of wood that are also seasoned with spices. These chips of wood that are seasoned are most likely already available at your leading gourmet shops.

In doing this, have them placed by the fire so that they would burn along and produce smoke. The smoke then will make the items taste good.

Planning a Thanksgiving Party: Should You Ask Your Guests

Planning a Thanksgiving Party: Should You Ask Your Guests for Help?

As nice as it is to host a Thanksgiving party, there is a lot of work that goes into doing so. Unfortunately, too many Thanksgiving party hosts find themselves in way over their heads. Before your Thanksgiving party turns into something that you would like to forget, you are advised to take steps that will help to make your Thanksgiving party easy to plan and prepare for. While there are a number of steps that you can take, there is one that you may seriously want to consider. That step is asking your party guests for assistance.

When it comes to asking party guests for assistance, there are many party hosts who are actually horrified at the thought of doing so. While you may not want to ask your party guests for assistance, you may need to, but it is completely understandable if you would choose not to. However, before you make your final decision, it may be a good idea to examine the advantages and disadvantages of asking your party guests for assistance. Doing so may make it easier for you decide whether or not it is a good idea to ask your guests for help.

As you likely already know, the biggest advantage to asking your party guests for assistance is the help that you will receive. This help, whether it be the purchase of additional beverages or the preparation of a side dish, will likely make your party planning experience easier and much more enjoyable. The less work you have to do, the more fun your Thanksgiving party is likely to become. In fact, what you can ask your party guests to do is another advantage to asking them for assistance.

Depending on the type of Thanksgiving party you choose to host, the assistance that you need may vary. It is nice to include a Thanksgiving dinner with your Thanksgiving party, but it can be costly and time consuming. If you are planning a Thanksgiving party that includes a dinner, it may be a good idea to ask some of your guests, at least the guests that you feel comfortable asking for help, to prepare a small side dish. Additional assistance could come in the form of drinks, Thanksgiving decorations, as well as additional tables and chairs.

The main disadvantage to asking your Thanksgiving party guests for help is the feeling that you may be left with. Although many of your party guests, particularly your close friends and family, may be more than willing to offer you assistance, you may feel ashamed to ask. While this feeling is completely normal, it may still make you feel uncomfortable. That is why you may also choose not to ask your party guests for assistance. Although you may not want to ask for help, it is important to remember the extra work that you are giving yourself. As previously mentioned, asking your Thanksgiving party guests for help, even a little bit of it, will not only save you time, but sometimes even money.

If you do make the decision to ask your Thanksgiving party guests for assistance, either with food, drinks, or decorations, it will be best if you ask them in advance. Even if you are only asking one of your party guests to pickup an extra bottle of wine, it would be nice if you gave them a little bit of notice and time to prepare for your request, no matter how large or small it be.


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