Good Chinese Recipes for Beginners

Choosing a good Chinese recipe can be hard if you have never prepared much Chinese food in the past. With ingredients you may not be used to and cooking styles you are unfamiliar with, it might seem a little scary when looking through recipes.

Its best to start with something easy and fun unless you are an experienced cook or you know exactly what you want. If you absolutely love pot stickers, you might try making those.

For most people, the best Chinese recipes to start with are single course dishes. The easiest are usually rice, a few vegetables and one kind of meat.

If you get more complex than that, you might have too much going on at once and it can feel overwhelming. Its very easy to start some rice and cook your meal while the rice is cooking.

Rice usually takes about 20 minutes and it should take about that long to cut some meat and vegetables and get them cooking. Stir fry is the easiest thing to cook. Its basically meat and vegetables seared over high heat while stirring constantly.

When choosing a Chinese recipe, you should keep in mind how many people you are going to feed. If its just a meal for one or two, you can get a little fancier and try a couple different types of sauce.

If you are feeding kids, you cant go wrong with something familiar like sweet and sour chicken. If you try to serve up a bunch of Chinese bean pancakes, the kids might protest.

Its always best to start small and try something familiar.

Chinese Rice Recipes

Rice has always been a traditional part of Chinese life. Its cheap, filling, tastes great, and can be used in many different ways.

Everyone has had steamed rice and fried rice and those two very simple dishes are a great addition to many different meals. More popular in the warmer Southern China, rice is grown all over the place and it has been for thousands of years.

If you have a Chinese rice recipe that sounds great, just take your time and learn to cook rice first.

Many people think rice is simple to cook and very hard to mess up. That couldnt be farther from the truth. Rice can be completely ruined in many ways.

There could be too much water, too little water, it can be overcooked, undercooked, and burnt. Anyone who has had restaurant quality rice and then tried to recreate it has learned this lesson.

Chinese recipes usually call for a specific type of rice that is cooked a certain way. If you think your jasmine rice will taste just as good a little crunchy, you are very wrong.

Improperly cooked rice can annihilate even the most delicious Chinese recipe and the reaction from friends and family might turn you off from cooking Chinese food for a long time.

The easiest way to cook rice is with a rice cooker. These are fairly cheap and automatically shut off when the rice is finished.

You can never mess your rice up again as long as you follow the directions of the machine and the rice itself.

By adding perfect rice to accompany a great Chinese recipe, you will have a much better reaction from everyone who eats it.

Chinese Noodle Recipes

Chinese noodle recipes can be very fun to make and the entire family can get involved. Many Chinese noodle recipes call for fresh homemade noodles.

These are very easy to make. They usually use wheat or rice flour mixed with water and maybe some egg or milk (depending on the recipe) and then they get rolled out and cut.

Of course, before you start on a recipe that calls for these types of noodles, you might want a recipe for the noodles themselves.

These are in most cookbooks and all over the Internet. You should be able to find the perfect one in just minutes.

In addition to rice, noodles are very important to Chinese culture and are a part of many different types of Chinese recipe.

From very easy dishes that are just noodles, meat, vegetables and sauce to complex dishes that use very specific types of noodles, they are usually delicious.

Noodles are typically boiled after they are made. Sometimes, a recipe might call for them to be fried in some kind of oil until they are crispy.

Chinese noodles cook a lot faster than Italian pasta because the ingredients are different and the shapes vary greatly.

The boiled noodles can be used in soups, stir fry, with a hearty sauce, or almost anything. Noodles can also be substituted for rice in many different dishes.

You can always buy noodles from the store or an Asian market for your cooking and this decreases the time you will spend in the kitchen and is a lot less mess.

For families with kids, making the noodles from scratch can be a fun bonding experience and might help get your kids interested in all types of cooking.

The Perfect Prime Rib

The Prime Rib Cut

When it comes to items on the grill or anything that the average American would think of when it comes to food, one of the most legendary items is the prime rib. Not only is prime rib one of the best cuts of beef there is around but it is also commonly associated with outdoor grilling we had as kids, restaurant dates and many other factors that would make it significant.

So if you happen to be into grilling, you can make this more meaningful by grilling prime rib yourself. With the wonders that you can make out of it, you as well as everyone who will get a taste of grilled prime rib is sure to be delighted by it aroma, its taste and is sure to be very full after having a full serving. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to grill prime rib.

Picking The Cut

Because of its fame, people would tend to think that prime rib is quite difficult to cook, also considering that it is a favorite dish to be served by some of the best restaurants and chefs in the country. The truth behind this is that prime rib is not hard to grill at all in fact; people who are new on the grill could even have prime rib as some of their first few dishes. Prime rib does not only taste good but is also easy to grill, while that would also depend on the meat you get.

When picking a prime rib cut, choose one that has a good marble of fat in the meat. This marble of fat makes the meat tenderer when being grilled and another advantage of that is that it also adds a savory flavor to the meat itself. Lean meat is also good but it wouldnt be advised for grilling but rather for other dishes.

Marinating Prime Rib

To give your prime rib the best flavor possible, you have to marinate it for at least 30 minutes. A good example of a marinade would include tomato soup, water, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. To marinate it, put the mixture along with the beef in a container and put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, only bring it out when everything is ready for grilling prime rib.

If you should use the marinade later for a sauce or if you should reapply it to the prime rib, have it boiled for at least 5 minutes by itself. Since the meat was still raw when it was soaked in the mixture, it could carry some amounts of bacteria. Boiling it for at least 5 minutes would eliminate the bacteria in it thus making it safe to use again.

Serving Prime Rib

Prime rib is just like any other cuts of meat, it can be served well done, medium-well, medium-rare or rare. For medium-well and well-done meats, it would be more appetizing to serve the prime rib with nice grill marks on the side. Not only are these done to make the meat look nicer but it is also an indication that the meat is cooked well.

Prime rib can be served at almost any occasion or even if there actually isnt any. Prime rib, since it is a heavy cut most of the time is served alone but to make the dining experience more meaningful, you could serve it with a nice salad, soup and red wine to make the event more romantic.

Advantages Of Planting Vegetable Gardens

Is there a patch of land in your backyard thats been left useless all this time? If youre still undecided to what to make out of it, maybe its high time you consider planting vegetables in it. Read on to learn some of the advantages of planting vegetable gardens.

Yummier veggie treats

Many people attest that vegetables grown in their own backyard tastes much better than those bought at grocery stores. They remark how much flavorful their harvests are, whether used as ingredients in a fresh veggie salad or cooked dishes. Be it because of the extra amount of love and care these home-grown vegetables got or the person taking pride in growing crops in his or her backyard, it doesnt rally matter. What matters is what you serve on the table is fresh right off your vegetable garden and more scrumptious for every member of the family to enjoy. You are also assured that what you put on the table is fresh and free from harmful chemicals like preservatives.

Guaranteed no harmful chemicals

Chances are you might not fully know whether the vegetables you buy at the supermarket are free of pesticides. Some vendors claim that their vegetables are free from harmful chemicals. What about if the soil where those crops grew was exposed to pesticides before or they were planted next to crops sprayed with pesticides? Prolonged dietary exposure to pesticides is linked to various adverse reproductive and developmental effects, although there is little data to support this. Your children are at higher risk to the dangers of such chemicals on the vegetables they consume. Their bodies are not yet fully developed to properly metabolize or excrete such substances.

A great way to workout

If you got little or no time to go to the gym or health spa to workout, then let gardening provide your daily dose of exercise. Tending your vegetable garden for at least 30 minutes a day is a great way to burn those excess calories and lose weight. You are able to work several major muscle groups in the body, like the legs, arms, back, buttocks and many others. Gardening is also improves your flexibility each time you stretch to reach for weeds or bend to plant a seedling.

By the time your crops are ready for harvest, you will notice a change in your body, especially if you look after your garden on a regular basis. Picking the car key that fell on the floor or reaching for a book at the top of a tall shelf will be a lot easier for you to do. Unlike jogging, playing basketball and others, gardening has less impact on your joints. Gardening is best were vigorous exercises is not applicable, such as for people with high blood pressure, heart diseases, bone joint disorders and many others.

Help save the environment

If commercially grown vegetables receive little demand from consumers, then commercial farmers will find no reason to expand their plantations. So theres no need to cut down rain forests and devastate habitats of wild animals. Also, if demand is lowered farmers will use less pesticide and other harmful chemicals that pollute our rivers and the rest of the environment. You might feel that you as a concerned citizen cannot contribute that much positive impact on the environment by planting vegetable gardens. But imagine the difference made if a lot of people started to plant their vegetables in their own backyard.