Equal Sweetener – What is it About

Recent studies have shown that too much sugar may be bad for the health. This could to lead diseases such as diabetes that could lead to the complications. Since people still need sugar in the system but in reduced amounts, companies have decided to make artificial sweeteners and Equal is one of the popular brands in the market. This product is marketed and exported throughout the world by the Merisant Corporation. The company has offices in the United States, Mexico, Switzerland and Australia. The main ingredient is aspartame which is…

Equal as an Artificial Sweetener

More people are diagnosed with diabetes which is usually caused by being overweight. If nothing is done, this could lead to further complications and death. The good news is that this disease is treatable. One of the indications that the person is healthy is based on the sugar level in the body. Those that are too high can be reduced by taking one of the most popular artificial sweeteners in the market namely Equal. The product has been exported all over the world and is distributed by the Merisant Corporation….

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