Market Organic Gardening: Going Commercial

Market organic gardening is producing vegetables, fruits, flowers and other ornamental plants the organic way for commercial gain. It means taking care of a slightly bigger garden since you will now be targeting local markets unlike the ones you had before which caters to only the needs of your family. With a commercial goal in mind, you will have to consider the viability of your produce in your local market. Its a good thing that nowadays, organically grown produce are preferred and are actually sought after by the ordinary shoppers….

Fundamental Organic Gardening Tips

And the race is on. On the right corner is an anything and everything goes garden which uses the best chemical fertilizers and pesticides the market today has to offer. While on the left corner is an organic garden that uses only the cycles of nature to cultivate the soil and grow the plants. If youre on the left corners side what will you do? Like a boxers second you should have a set of instructions for your fighter, but in this case a set of organic gardening tips will…

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