Sports Nutrition and Quick Food Fixes

Athletes are busy people. They try to balance training with work, school, family and other activities. With all these responsibilities, athletes consume a lot of energy each day. Food preparation can become a challenge but it is a challenge that athletes need to face since good sports nutrition help to adequately fuel work-outs and improve performance and recovery. Eating well should be a part of an athletes overall training plan. But buying well is a requirement for eating well. Nutritious meals begin at the grocery store. If you purchase the…

What Do We Get Out Of Organic Farming and Gardening

What Do We Get Out Of Organic Farming and Gardening Organic farming and gardening usually refers to techniques that do not use any fertilizers or chemical pesticides. This is because although they will help the plant grow, they are harmful to our health. To give you an idea on how effective it is one study showed that organic milk from cows has more anti-oxidants, CLA, Omega 3 and vitamins compared to the cows that could produce the same amount of milk using hormones, antibiotics and the remains of other animals….

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