Friuli – Venezia Giulia Italian Food

food varies greatly throughout Italy and pairing down food to just the fifteen or so dishes that can be found at food restaurants in the United States is very not large sighted. There are many different regional cuisines in Italy that take their cues from surrounding countries and mix in a little local creativity in order to produce their own unique food. One great example of this is the Friuli – Venezia Giulia region.

This region shares a border with the former Yugoslavia and shares a circle of the same traditions, including culinary traditions. The Italian food here is strong with Austrian, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Croatian influences. One of places that this is most apparent is in the beer halls of the domicile. Here they quality such dishes as Viennese sausage and goulash. Goulash, which originated as a Hungarian dish, has taken on a miscellaneous Italian taste here and can often be form in fine Italian food restaurants both in and out of Italy. Goulash is immensely popular in this region and is a thick conniption of beef and local vegetables such for onions and red peppers. It is very thick and seasoned with paprika and can be served with pasta. Another dish that makes a bourgeois appearance at the beer halls in this section is Bohemian hare.

The most often used meat in this area is pork. In gospel, if visiting this volume it is essential to try one of their world famous San Daniele del Friuli hams. These hams are a staple of the local Italian food. The whole region is known for their bacon and sausages. In gospel there is a local dish called jota that is unique to the region and is a stew dish made with beans and bacon. The pork in this situation is spicy and this may come forth as a bit of a shock to foreigners not familiar with this brand of Italian food. The pork is often cooked owing to an open hearth and is seen in many dishes even if it is not the main entre.

There are varied other foods normal to the area. The sweeter side of the Italian food here includes strudel. Most of the desserts here are flour based and so strudel is actual common. Only of the most everyday dishes found in the area is polenta. This is a dish of boiled cornmeal and is a staple of the regional diet and can be found served with all types of Italian food including both meat and cheese dishes. Intrinsic is most similar to American grits. Wider Italian food staple that must equate mentioned in this region is the cheese. The world famous Montasio cheese comes from this region. If you equivalent your Italian food with lots of cheese, and not just mozzarella, than this is the region for you. One last dish that obligation be mentioned is brovada. This is a dish that is unique to the region. It is strikingly simply turnips that are preserved in marc. This most absolutely is not a dish that most people think of when thinking about Italian food, but veritable is a dish that is unique to Italy and is forasmuch as an important part of Italian food. Therefrom the next time you’re up for some Italian food, fragment out and crack some different regional cuisines.

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