Calcium: What You Should Know About It

Calcium is one of the most important minerals we need in order to sustain life. The is to strengthen the and teeth. This is why people with adequate intake of calcium are prevented to experience bone malformation and diseases.

Where can you get calcium? Almost all dairy products contain calcium. Samples of these dairy products include cheese, milk, yogurt and butter. Vegetables, meat, eggs and fruits are as well. We need calcium everyday to supply the requirements of the body. If enough calcium is not taken, the bones will be open to many diseases and the bones will become weak in time. So, it is very important to have an of calcium everyday.

What is the purpose of calcium to your body? It helps build the skeletal system and makes your bones healthier and stronger. Aside from the use of calcium to the bones, it is also essential to the functionality of nerves, responsible for blood clotting and as well. However, if is taken in small amount, it can also cause some health problems like hypocalcaemia but increased intake can reduce high blood pressure and eliminates .

calcium is one among the most famous source of calcium. If you do not take enough calcium everyday, you need to take this particular supplement to maintain normal calcium in your body. This is very essential since people do not get much calcium from the food they eat everyday. This is ideal for men and women who are workaholic and do not spend much time watching about the food they eat everyday.

If you do not have you may suffer from the following conditions:

The will be weak and more prone to fractures
It can cause severe nerve sensitivity, and
It can induce improper heart function
It takes time for your wound to heal
It slows down the blood clotting
It weakens not only the bone but the teeth as well
You will experience gum problems like bleeding gums
Hypertension can occur

So, calcium is really important in the human body. You will need to supply your body with enough calcium everyday to survive life. The right dosage of calcium must be taken to avoid developing certain conditions that can cause death. Never overdose with calcium since it can also be harmful to health if introduced to the body in large amount.

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