Sweeteners for Better Health

As people age, the body is not able to digest sugars as fast compared to before. Since this poses as a , people have shifted to sweeteners. This can also be used to control or reduce the or carbohydrates taken into the body.

This has prompted companies to make that offer the same taste but less on the calories. Some of the brands are in the market are Equal, and NutraSweet.

The that makes this work is aspartame. This can be found in diet drinks, multivitamins and other products. The person can substitute this for sugar commonly used in coffee or tea and still enjoy the same good taste will less calories.

The person can buy this in small sachets which are good for trips or buy it in the form of bottle that can be used for the home.

Another out in the market is Splenda. The main ingredient that makes this work is Sucralose. The process takes away the calories normally found in sugar and when consumed, this passes into the body without being converted into energy. This simply goes in and out to add flavor to the drink or the food taken in without causing any effects on the body.

Another sweetener can be taken from sugarcane. This is called a wholesome sweetener and the person can find this in the grocery with the name Sucanat on the label. The name stands for natural and gives the user the much needed vitamins and nutrients as part of the .

is another alternative to those who want a . This comes in a variety of products that people find in the supermarket.

All of these sweeteners can be mixed with a drink or with food. This has proven to be safe for women who are pregnant and on patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Is there a brand that stands out among the rest? The answer is no. Though some are more popular in certain places, the other brands have shown to stand out in other countries. If these are all available in the grocery, it will be a good idea to read the back of the label to compare the ingredients and minerals each of the sweeteners give.

The basis for choosing one brand over the other is not about the price but the healthful benefit that the product can give.

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