Splenda Sweeteners- A Great Alternative for Sugar

is a no that contains sucralose and some common food ingredients such as dextrose and maltodextrin. Still, because the amounts of these ingredients are not so high, the of splenda sweetener is not so high.

What separates this from the rest of the in the market is that splenda does not have aftertaste and it really tastes like sugar. This is why it has been used in cooking and in baking. You can also use it in your drinks.

Splenda sweetener can actually be bought in two forms, the granular and the packet. The granular are often used in cooking while the packets are used for travel.

As mentioned before, splenda sweetener is made from sucralose through a patented process that converts sugar into a no calorie sweetener. The process results in a sweetener that tastes like sugar but do not have the same calorie content as ordinary sugar. In fact, after consumption, sucralose will pas through the body without being converted into energy or .

Sucralose as an alternative for sugar has already been used in over 80 countries worldwide. In the United States, it has already been found safe by the United States as well as the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on (JECFA). Even the Health Protection Branch of , and Australia’s have found sucralose safe.

Because it is found to be safe, splenda can be used by anybody even those in delicate conditions like pregnant women and nursing mothers. This is actually a favorite post-natal way of avoiding calories and aids in the losing of weight. Still, before opting for splenda, mothers are asked to consult their for their nutritional needs as people in their conditions may need some calories for energy.

Children can also use splenda. This is actually even recommended for children who are trying to lose weight or those that are diagnosed as obese. This will help them with their diet without necessarily giving up sweet meals that they love.

People with diabetes can also use splenda. In fact, numerous studies have already shown that sucralose and splenda for that matter is already suitable for people with that condition. Because sucralose is not recognized by the body as either sugar or carbohydrate, it is not metabolized and does not have an effect on the carbohydrate metabolism and insulin secretion.

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