Organic Gardening Supplies

is the trend these days and farmers and are getting into it. This is because it is cheap and environment friendly compared to inorganic farming so the first thing you have to do is get some organic gardening supplies.

Organic gardening supplies consist of many things. In fact, the number one which you have to get is because this helps condition the soil, enhances beneficial soil microbes, neutralizes soil pH and provides a range of nutrients.

You can also use waste in the home to make compost. You can use cut weeds, dead leaves, manure, fruit, and vegetable and meat waste products. This helps restore the soil and at the same time cuts down the amount of garbage that is dumped into our .

Next, you will have to get the seeds which you will plant into the ground. Before these are purchased, you have to check which ones are ideal to your existing environment. For that, you can do some research or ask the sales clerk at the store.

But what if you want to buy plants that are already grown? When you are selecting them from the store, make sure they are short and sturdy with only a few flowers. Pay attention to the leaves so you will avoid buying those that are discolored or wilted.

The biggest threat to organic gardening is the pest so you will need various things to protect it. These include bird netting, floating row covers, and some insects of your own. For instance, ladybugs eat aphids. If this is not available, another option is to buy instead.

You can also use and birds to kill pests that threaten your garden. You simply have to make a home for them by putting a bird house or a bond so they become part of your home.

If you happen to encounter and , use . can also do the trick. They break down quickly and pose little toxicity to humans or pets.

Another threat that grows in between your crops is the weed. You can pull them from the ground but since they keep coming back, you can spray them with horticultural vinegar or drop corn meal gluten granules. This corn by product prevents weeds from germinating and releases nitrogen into the soil. This should be applied during early spring or fall when most weeds come out.

You can also use fish or seaweed based liquid based fertilizers as it also releases nitrogen, phosphate and potash that is good for your crops.

Organic gardening supplies can be purchased at the local store or online. Aside from compost, seeds, fertilizers and pots, some even offer advice and tips like telling gardeners not to plant during a warm day and instead do this at night or when you know it is about to rain. The reason is not because you will get a tan but because new plants need a lot of water.

So, make sure you have everything ready before you plant anything. This will save you time so you will be able to harvest your crops and plant new ones.

If you want to live a healthier life, you better go organic. It will save some money and be fun at the same time as long as this is done properly with the right organic gardening supplies by your side.

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