The Perfect Prime Rib

The Cut

When it comes to items on the grill or anything that the average American would think of when it comes to food, one of the most legendary items is the prime rib. Not only is prime rib one of the best there is around but it is also commonly associated with outdoor grilling we had as kids, restaurant dates and many other factors that would make it significant.

So if you happen to be into grilling, you can make this more meaningful by grilling prime rib yourself. With the wonders that you can make out of it, you as well as everyone who will get a taste of grilled prime rib is sure to be delighted by it , its taste and is sure to be very full after having a full serving. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to grill prime rib.

Picking The Cut

Because of its fame, people would tend to think that prime rib is quite difficult to cook, also considering that it is a to be served by some of the and chefs in the country. The truth behind this is that prime rib is not hard to grill at all in fact; people who are new on the grill could even have prime rib as some of their first few dishes. Prime rib does not only taste good but is also easy to grill, while that would also depend on the meat you get.

When picking a prime rib cut, choose one that has a good marble of fat in the meat. This marble of fat makes the meat tenderer when being grilled and another advantage of that is that it also adds a savory flavor to the meat itself. Lean meat is also good but it wouldnt be advised for grilling but rather for other dishes.

Marinating Prime Rib

To give your prime rib the best flavor possible, you have to marinate it for at least . A good example of a would include , water, lemon juice and . To marinate it, put the mixture along with the beef in a container and put it in the for at least , only bring it out when everything is ready for grilling prime rib.

If you should use the marinade later for a sauce or if you should reapply it to the prime rib, have it boiled for at least 5 minutes by itself. Since the meat was still raw when it was soaked in the mixture, it could carry some amounts of bacteria. Boiling it for at least 5 minutes would eliminate the bacteria in it thus making it safe to use again.

Serving Prime Rib

Prime rib is just like any other cuts of meat, it can be served well done, medium-well, medium-rare or rare. For medium-well and well-done meats, it would be more appetizing to serve the prime rib with nice grill marks on the side. Not only are these done to make the meat look nicer but it is also an indication that the meat is cooked well.

Prime rib can be served at almost any occasion or even if there actually isnt any. Prime rib, since it is a heavy cut most of the time is served alone but to make the dining experience more meaningful, you could serve it with a nice salad, soup and red to make the event more romantic.

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