Yummy Treat: Food As Party Favor

Party favors are great for personally thanking all the guests that have celebrated an impotant moment with you. This would make guests feel appreciated for their attendance and at the same their contribution. Party favors would surely make guests take home a part of the party in the own houses. But how do you make this kind of impact?

One of the most cost-efficient, simple and wonderful ideas for , will be giving away food and treats. Among the most popular food that could be given away in parties would be and cookies.

Candy favors

Candies are great give-aways, whether it is a children or adult parties. You could put assorted and colourful candies in transparent and small jars. You could decorate the box or the bag where you will be putting it and even including a thank-you note.

You could make personalized candies. Remove the wrapper and create a new design on your computer. You could include personalized messages like a greeting or a thank you. Personalized are popular that there are companies who could design and make wrappers for you. But you could always do it on your own. Aside from being a party favor, you could also use them as or announcement.


, another tasty treat that would make your party unforgettable. You could always buy small ballotins that would have a couple of mouth-watering chocolates inside. You could even have your favor customized depending on the occasion. They are great for and . You could also customize the box where you will be placing the chocolate. You could use simple to decorate.


The great thing about cookies is that they could make them thematic or artistic. You could buy cookies with , based on your party theme. You could also put them in depicting the theme or the occasion being celebrated. Cookies are great for the holidays. When giving cookie party favors, you could include the recipe, especially if it is for a personal recipe that people commends.


They could be a little expensive that other party favors, but they are surely worth giving. You could give out specially made brownies or favourite dessert of the celebrant. There are also foreign recipes that would make good dessert give-aways. An example would be the lazzaroni amaretti cookies which are popular desserts. You could buy them in bulk and just repack them creatively.

If you have a family recipe for dessert, you could share it with the guests. You could even share a famous snack. You could place them inside take-out boxes and design these boxes to suit the occasion.

Wines and drinks

There are affordable celebration wines which could be bought for less than $12.00, like the Italian Proseco. There are also cocktail drinks which can be given in special occasions. They could surely give your even a touch of class and elegance. If you would like to spend less than that, then you could give coffee and tea assortments. You could also personalize their packaging.

When giving away or having food party favors, always consider the theme, the occasion and of course, the budget. You could even give away spices. Bottom line is you give party favors to thank your guests and you would like to thank them in a special way.

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