Special Party Favors

The trend of giving handmade items is not only limited to birthdays. In fact, in almost all these days, handmade items are popular as party favors. Giving handmade items has also become a common practice to people who would want to give others person something special as a “thank you” for attending the event.

If you are one of those who would want to give the people who attended your party something special, now is the time to consider what type of handmade you can give him or her. If you dont have much of an artistic knack, the that you can come up with is an elastic as a “thank you.” These are or “” that are used as a piece of fashion accessory but in this case, these can be worn by your friend to symbolize the friendship that you both have.

Before doing this activity, the first thing that you need to do is to ask your friend/s if he or she has/they time to do this activity with you. If they agree, then make sure that your friend will be a part of the entire process such as choosing the materials, the designs, as well as the dominant colors to be used. The following are step-by-step process of making a handmade friendship bracelet that could be given out as a part favor:

– complete all the supplies needed. The first step in making the friendship bracelet is to buy the supplies needed which include sets of colorful beads of your or your friend’s choice, elastic , a , , pieces of glue stick, or ruler, and a round nose pliers if you choose to add and other metal items in the bracelet. You can find old stuff in your house or buy these in the crafts store nearby.

– designate tasks. Once you have all the materials that you need, designate your tasks. You can ask your friend to segregate pieces of beads according to his or her preference. Or to make the process faster, you can segregate bead pieces by yourself. Next is to come up with a bracelet design and draw in on a piece of paper. Here, you can ask your friend to come up with his or her design and incorporate it with yours.

– start with the process. After this, get the elastic nylon. Using a tape measure or a ruler cut the string according to your desired length with a pair of scissor. Then, gather the beads that your have segregated and selected earlier and start stringing the beads into the elastic string. After that, knot the two ends of the string after you threaded the beads in it. Make sure to tie the final knot twice so it will not loosen up. Cut the excess nylon string using a scissor. To make sure that the ends would not loosen up, you can put glue on the knots and flatten it with round nose pliers.

Now, you have just finished a special handmade party that you can give to your friends as a “thank you” gift and as a remembrance as well when they attend your event.

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