The Great Debate: Single Malt vs. Blended

Many people get confused and the difference between single malt and . The blended consists of approximately fifty different , and , sent from many different producers. The term single malt refers to one single , and therefore what is produced, is indeed not the product of blending.

They say that every 50 years is the leveling out point on scotch, as it will no longer get better with age. Prior to that point it is like and will continue to produce a better taste. The differences in many of the of fine scotch in Scotland can be very noticeable, as the lends to different techniques.

Each region of the Scottish territory yields a different product due to varying methods of development. Many methods can be employed, right down to the grains and water used. Some distilling companies even use certain on the grains for .

One would assume you must try them all, to consider yourself a true .

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