Scotch: Popular Today, Popular Tomorrow.

In todays world of clubs and young drinkers, fine Scotch often falls by the wayside. A much more sophisticated drink, Scotch is popular with older, more mature drinkers. Will this classic favorite eventually die out to all the pretty drinks served up in with pretty ? The answer is probably not. Although , is getting to be more and more unpopular among the bar drinkers, there are that feature fine Scotch with fun names that appeal to the younger .

Drinks like the rusty nail which features Scotch and or the Scotch happy sour which features Scotch and cherry flavored are fun drinks that the twenty-somethings to order. It is the unique taste of fine Scotch that sets it apart from the drinks that are all the rage today. There are a of these kinds of mixed drinks, but to the of fine whiskey, a cold scotch on the rocks is the only way to enjoy a fine scotch.

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