Mixed Drinks Upsetting for Distillers

Although some Scots are softening up in regards to their traditional , we cannot say all of them are. Some are indeed abusively screaming and kicking, with to how their fine brew is handled.

The idea of mixing a fine in a fancy drink at the bar seems preposterous. This is dubbed an act of kindness, yet not too kind to the distillers that have toiled to bring us such a wonderful product.

Scotch is a wonderful brew that hit the of the U.S. in the . Several have considered this type of drink as a definer, causing it to grow quickly in . Through Scotch as a drink was also a growing interest in it as a single malt treat. However, there are many different that have hit the market in order to please every .

It has been said that scotch is a nasty old bugger who is drank alone or with one or two and not in the spirit of socializing. However the distillers, and aficionados alike tend to disagree. They feel that the time spent with friends and family, should indeed include the sipping of a fine scotch, for pleasure and conversation alike.

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