A Manly Drink

When you think of a mans drink, what comes to mind? Baileys? ? To many, seems to be the drink of choice for and seemingly this choice has been made for many, many years. There is most probably not a , more endeared by men than .

Scotch is made here in America, but the finest scotch is made in the Isles of Scotland. Scotch from , can cost you a . The scotch mentioned here from Scotland is from the in Islay Scotland, which is at the most southern of all Hebridian islands. The scotch made there is so rare that it can only be purchased at the distillery.

Here in America, scotch is not so hard to come by. A bottle of costs, on average, about $22.00. Whereas a high end can cost up to $50.00 a bottle. Compare that to a fine scotch from is isles at around $120.00 per bottle and you will see the difference isnt so much in the bottle, but in the spirit itself.