12 Years of Fine Scotch

Twelve: Is this indeed the when it comes to fine ? In a matter of terms the answer is yes.

When trying to decide on a scotch it would be best to look for that , as it will indicate to you that at least it has grown into full body. There are quite a few bottles out there that have aged longer, yet obtaining these can prove to be tricky. An old bottle of scotch is a real treasure.

Scotch, at least fine scotch, is meant to roll off the back of your , and give you a warm and subtle in the tummy. Younger scotch, has not been given a chance to build a , hence it is not as smooth. It seems to be agreed that or longer is the magic number when it comes to the age of perfection for fine scotch. It may come in many different fashions and yet the song remains the same; good scotch has been brewing for awhile.

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