What Are Some Types of Candy in Mexico

Children in Mexico have a huge selection of candies to choose from. The candies are abundant. Anyone is sure to please their . The candies are not just sweet, though. Many of the candies ! That is right, chili. Mexican’s like to include chili in many of their foods, so it is natural to find candy with it. There are also , gummy candies, and chewing gum. It is obvious that have different preferences when it comes to candy. The hotter, the better!

A newer item in Mexican candy is called Salsaghetti. The package has of watermelon that look like pasta. They are spicy and come with a sauce to pour over it. The sauce is called Gusano Tamarind. Tamarind is a fruit that is typical in Asia, but widely grown in Mexico. Many candy items contain Tamarind. Salsaghetti looks like a pasta meal, but unfortunately there is no candy included.

Lollipops are a lot different than what you would taste in other countries. In Mexico they can come very hot. The candies are Jalapeo hot. Americans are used to that are full of cinnamon, but children from Mexico love the lollipops with chili powder on the outside. The inside can be different . Mango is a big hit because it offers a different taste than the chili. There are also flavored chili-peppered lollipops. Other include pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, and more.

You would expect since Mexico gave the world chocolate, back when the Aztecs shared with the that Mexicans would eat a lot of and other chocolate candies, but in Mexico these types of candies are rare to even purchase. Instead, Mexicans enjoy chocolate in their drinks or in such as mole poblano. Sometimes you might find someone enjoying a chocolate pattie candy that may include cinnamon, grounded almonds, and sugar.

A popular candy throughout Mexico is known as Dulce de leche. It means “milk candy”. It is milk-based syrup that is similar to caramel by how it looks and tastes. It can be as a sauce, or as a caramel-like candy. It is simple to make, simply by boiling milk and sugar. Besides being in candy, it is also used in cakes, cookies, and ice cream. People even spread it on toast. It is very popular in other countries besides Mexico. Even Starbucks have recently started selling lattes with the flavor of dulce de leche which is making it popular amongst Americans. Even dulce de leche ice cream is sold in grocery stores throughout the Southwestern states of America.

Mexican candies can be found at local Mexican grocers. Let your taste buds try some new treats. If you cannot find any stores close to where you live, many online stores sell Mexican candies. If hot is not that type of candy you would enjoy, there is also different chocolate, and caramel candies. Give it a try today! You might just enjoy a new sensation.

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