Walk in Red or Walk in Black

In the year 1820 Walker had a vision. To create one of the finest single malt the world has ever known. Enter the 2006 trend and apparently his vision turned to gold, as it is the most consumed scotch in the world. At over 120 million bottle sold annually, it is estimated that per second are enjoyed in 200 .

So what color do you walk with? That is a matter of . You can go with the of the red label, which tends to be the most common for . Or choose the complex and deeply mellow , used throughout time as experience malt.

The choice is yours as both are a wonderful and will prove to be enjoyable whatever the . If the moment proves to be one that you will want to remember for a , try the rare and expensive blue label scotch.

No matter which Walker you walk with surely you will not be let down.

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