Why are Coffee Franchises so Popular?

Investors everywhere are enamored with the idea of building a coffee franchise business. There are many reasons for this but the bottom lines boils down to the fact that so many among us love coffee-especially those that own and operate a coffee franchise. While loving your product or service is a great reason to go into a certain business, there are many other things that should be considered. With that in mind, many of the following reasons contribute to the wide popularity of the coffee franchise in the United States.

Low Investment. While this certainly isn’t true of all coffee franchises there are many emerging coffee franchises that allow business owners to invest in their franchises and build upon the capital of their good names for well under one hundred thousand dollars. In the world of franchises this is huge with more popular franchises selling in excess of one million dollars for the first restaurant or store.

Low Overhead. This is yet another great reason to look to the wonderful product of the coffee bean upon which to build your business. The less money spent on expenses equal greater profit. Profits are the goal when investing in a coffee franchise or any other business venture.

High Profit Potential. When you consider the cost of a cup of coffee at your average coffee franchise store the return on the investment is phenomenal. People spend more on a cup of coffee than they will spend on a gallon of gasoline at today’s prices and consider it money well spent for the pleasure a good cup of Joe provides. The costs involved in creating that cup of coffee are relatively low when compared to the cost of a fast food hamburger and yet the cost of the cup of coffee is generally much higher.

Popular Product. Coffee is popular with millions of drinkers worldwide and new people turned on to the wonderful world of coffee each and every day. Not only are we looking at a world of growth as a business but coffee drinkers are growing younger than in years past. Coffee is a part of pop culture these days and seems to be a fad that is here to stay. You will need very little advertising to get your message across. Your biggest concern will be to continue providing excellent products and service so that customers will return day after day.

Pop Culture Appeal. I mentioned above that coffee houses, stores, and cafes have become a part of pop culture. This is appealing to many would be business or franchise owners and a huge reason that the coffee franchise has become prominent across the country in big towns and small communities alike. It is an opportunity to become a part of the popular culture of a generation and that is the sort of momentum that many business owners would love the opportunity to capitalize upon.

If you are considering buying into a franchise business, a coffee franchise may be the perfect solution. Examine carefully your reasons for wanting to do so and take the time to put pen to paper before buying in to make sure you are getting the best value for your investment dollar.